Business Contingency

Unrivalled coverage across all UK networks

OptiSIM provides the most extensive mobile coverage in the UK. The service is delivered through a roaming agreement with all three major UK operators. The special SIM card accesses an alternative network signal, should the primary network be unavailable for any reason, to ensure connectivity.

OptiSIM is available as a Voice, Voice & Data and Data-only solutions.

Business Continuity

This service is invaluable whenever a network signal is unavailable. This could be due to temporary network problems, topography, or other obstacles affecting reception.

  • Ideal as a basis of business continuity planning
  • No specialist equipment necessary - just a SIM card
  • Can be used with practically all mobile handsets
  • Competitive call rates

OptiSIM is ideal for any organisation that needs to stay connected 24/7, such as the Emergency Services, Emergency Planners, Utilities and the Security Services. In the private sector, board members and crisis critical personnel, as well as employees operating in remote locations could benefit significantly from OptiSIM.

Why choose Rentals from O2?

Rentals from O2 provides a flexible alternative for businesses and individuals alike, ensuring they have instant access to mobile connections all year round. Choosing Rentals from O2 will also ensure that customers are equipped with a reliable mobile solution, which is both cost effective and adaptable.


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