IoT Connectivity Solutions

Benefit from a range of IoT solutions from Rentals From O2, each individually designed to meet your specific needs.

Rentals From O2 offers choice, flexibility and secure IoT connectivity, a pre-requisite to deploying IoT solutions across a full range of technologies, including 4G, 5G, EUICC and emerging low power networks.

Access the UK's leading networks with the widest coverage, highest data speeds & reliability, as well as access to national roaming and over 40 local global networks.

  • Global Network Capability Single Network, Multi Network, Roaming
  • Global Roaming eSIMs that work Worldwide

Maximise Success Global IoT Network Capability.

Enjoy the best mobile solutions for your business. Take advantage of a range of tariffs and broad scope of data bundle options.

  • Single Network IoT SIMs
  • Multi-Network IoT SIMs
  • UK Roaming & Global Roaming IoT SIMs
  • Managed & Unmanaged Connectivity
  • 40+ Direct MNO Relationships
  • eSIMsmart MVNO - Access to 268 POPs globally with ability to deploy local data breakout
iot connectivity

Rentals From O2 IoT Connectivity Solutions
More than just a SIM.

  • Private Static IP
  • IoT Grade SIM
  • API Integration
  • Analytics
  • Security
  • Flexible Tariffs
  • Global Connectivity
  • Public & Private APN

Flexible IoT Tariffs
Small to Large IoT Data Bundles - MB, GB & TB

The broad scope of options available has been designed to cater to your specific needs whether you are looking to preserve power or require large high speed data bundles.

IoT Pooled

IoT Pooled

Building pools of data. Removes risk of overage charges.

IoT Individual

IoT Individual

Data allocated to a SIM card. Flexible bundle sizes.

IoT Flex

IoT Flex

Allowing for rate plan optimisation. Resets each new billing period.

IoT Prepaid

IoT Prepaid

Large shared bundle options. Flexible for life of bundle.

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