Why Rent

Rentals from O2 offer the ultimate in flexible communications

Rental is a flexible alternative for businesses that need to ensure they have mobile communications throughout the year but wish to support their business in the most cost effective and flexible way. Rentals from O2 has identified that customers use rental solutions for a variety of different circumstances which include:

  • International Travel – whether it’s a UK user travelling overseas or a visitor from overseas needing a UK phone for a short period of time. Corporates will hire local solutions for a short term period to avoid the roaming charges.
  • Events/Exhibitions – many businesses have seasonal peaks which can mean additional mobile devices and SIMs are required for short periods of time. Rentals from O2 specialises in telecommunication solutions for global events including bespoke event packages and services.
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery – the Rentals from O2 portfolio includes services that can be part of a business’s disaster recovery planning such as Satellite Phones & the OptiSIM UK strongest signal roaming.
  • Cost – Many corporate customers will rent Local SIMs or roaming solutions when travelling overseas to benefit from cost effective voice and data charges.